Tuesday, June 14, 2011

stumbling around..

I came across this video today on stumbleupon and all i can say is whoa... if we had the ability to make videos like this as kids.. damn. Nerf guna were the shit back in the day and still are! I remember back when whoever had the biggest and best nerf gun on the block was the "coolest" kid around. As you get older you kinda move up from nerf, to airsoft, to paintball, or somthing like that. I almost had a chance to wield one around campus last semester when there was a humans vs. zombies war going on. Everyone was running around with nerf guns and bringing them into class with them. All it made me want to do was join in and shoot whoever with it, human or zombie ha. Either way, this video is kinda sweet. Just makes me wonder who did all the animating for them? Check it out --->

>>Edit (fixed the link)

Monday, June 13, 2011

in not brown, im bronzed

Idk about anyone else but this movie is freakin hilarious. Just this picture alone can strike up plenty of conversation. I got the tan part covered, so all I need now is a monkey so i can sit around with my friends and play xbox with it. Also how badass would it be to have a monkey that knows karate following/driving you around. Talk about your ultimate DD and chick magnet. Everyone loves monkeys... unless their throwing poo at you... that would have to be train out of him first, but after that its golden. Or if all else fails and i cant get a trained monkey, I would be fine being in the picture below.. Who wouldnt? Ill quote Chris Rock in "Head of State" saying, " who doesn't like a big titty women? EVEYONE loves a big titty women!". So I think the moral here is: sleep in a car bed,design video games, date Wilma from scooby doo, and drink "herbal tea" with grandma then play demonic. duh

Sunday, June 12, 2011


there has been a Man Vs. Food marathon on tv since I woke up this morning. All its done so far is make me hungry for lots of food that I dont have.. depressing? just a little but o well. Just finished up watching the episode where he attempts the MASSIVE plate of nachos in ann arbor. If there was one challenge I would go for, it would definitely be this one! 5lbs of cheesy, beany, meaty goodness... makes my mouth water, idk about anyone else. some food for thought

lift off!

here's the first post just to get things started . watching man vs. food, so the shuttle represents my hunger now so I want a massive plate of food, duh. time for some leftovers. get some!